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Non Woven Disposable Microfibre Mops


Non Woven Disposable Microfibre Mops

Size: 14x45cm / 14x60cm
Colours: White
Weight: 80gsm 
Contains: 70% polyester / 30% polyamide (100% Microfibre)
Construction: Non-Woven 
Dry weight: 4g per sheet

Microfibre disposable Mops are ideal for contract cleaning where disposability, price and economy is a concern.


These Non Woven Wipes are ideal for all cleaning surfaces. A Mop Cushion would be needed to stick these on to one of our bases. ( Please see Mops and Handles for these other Items.)


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Product Detail and Usage:
Designed and manufactured in Europe to our exacting standards of quality, durability/strength, cleaning efficiency and performance. Best results are achieved on smooth/low friction surfaces (stainless steel, windows, mirrors...etc.). Benefits include - practicality of use and unique Microfibre cleaning properties. Our non woven method of construction reduces linting (due to monofilament structure with no bonding agent) and ensuring wipes can be re-used if required (tear-proof and easy to rinse). Pre-cut on a roll for a quick use and preventing the risk of cross-contamination our disposable Microfibre wipes on a roll are part of a highly efficient, cost effective cleaning system designed to reduce waste.

Resistant to chlorines, bleaches, disinfectants etc.