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Black Mop Pad Cushion (Washable)


Black Mop Pad Cushion (Washable)

Size: 40x11 cm
Colour: Black

Black Mop Pad Cushion
To be used in conjunction with our applicable size mop bases and ONLY when using disposable Microfibre mops.
Manufactured in Europe to our exacting standards

Spray Mop Handle (3540105)
Size: 1.45m
Colour: Silver - Aluminum
Construction: Aluminium with ABS Plastic joints, Clunk-Click attachments, Rubber ball-head handle and Velcro Mop/Pad attachment device.
Liquid Tank Capacity: 500ml
Liquid Dispenser: Trigger - 3 jets (Rear-Facing)

(The Spray Mop handle can be ordered here along with the Mop Pad Cushion, please note that they are not a package order and must be ordered separately)

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Product Detail and Usage:
The Black Mop Pad Cushion - Is to be used/purchased in conjunction with the Spray Mop Handle. Additionally you will need to visit our Mop Bases section to purchase your choice of Aluminum Mop base (Both Premium and Standard Aluminum Mop Bases 40x8cm) are compatible with the Black Mop Pad and Spray Mop Handle. Click here for our range of Aluminum Mop Bases

Increase mop efficiency with Black Mop Pad Cushion:
The soft pad Increases functional usability - enabling the mop to work more effectively as it acts as a cushion between disposable Microfibre mop and aluminium mop base - ensuring maximum contact with mopping surface at all times.