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Standard Damp Mops (M & S)


Standard Damp Mops (M & S)

Size: 39x14 cm - (Small) 50x14 cm - (Medium)
Colour: Blue
Weight: 300gsm
Mop Weight: 65g(s), 95g (m)
Mop face Contains: 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide, 0.13 denier
Back face: Polyamide Velcro system

Our damp mops are made from a mix of ultra fine microfibre that will achieve maximum results. 

These mops offer an excellent performance and durability for the price. They are a budget version but will clean the house perfectly.

These mops are designed to go over the base by an inch or two. Please buy the small base for the small mop and a medium base for the medium mop.

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Damp mop
Is used damp to remove heavier soilings from all hard flooring surfaces. Damp mopping needs only to be carried out where dry mopping has failed to remove the soilings. The micro fibres work through capillary action, drawing dirt into the mop. Once the mop is dirty, place in laundry bag and continue cleaning with a clean mop. For removing heavier soilings such as scuff marks, apply a little more water/detergent and apply pressure to the mop by placing your foot on the aluminium base. This ensures the micro fibre has maximum contact.