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Premium Dry Mops (M & L)


Premium Dry Mops (M & L)

Size: 52x15 cm - Medium, 69x15 cm - Large
Colour: Green 
Weight: 640gsm 
Mop Weight: 80g (M), 110g (L)

Mop face Contains: 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide, 0.13 denier.
Back face: Polyamide Velcro system.

Our dry mops are made from a mix of ultra fine microfibre that will achieve maximum results by collecting dust down to a very small particle size.

This mop can be used after washing the floor to dry the surface, or to sweep over and collect any dust particles without wet washing first.

The mop is designed to surround the mop base by an inch or two, this is to ensure the base doesn't damage any skirting or floor level items. The mop can then glide softly past without damaging any surface. 

To ensure that you buy the correct base for on this mop, please buy a Medium Base for medium mops or a large base for large mops.

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Dry mop
Is used dry for removing dust and loose particles from all hard floors and wall surfaces. Most floor surfaces should
be dry mopped first as this will reduce the amount of damp mopping required later. If the floor surface is already
wet or damp do not dry mop. As it is wiped over the surface it creates a static charge that attracts dirt to the mop,
the micro fibre then ‘holds’ the dirt until the mop is washed. The dry mop should be used on floors in a figure of 8,
ensuring that larger, loose particles are trapped against the face of the mop. Once the dry mop becomes fully soiled
it should be placed in the laundry bag and a clean, dry mop should be used to continue cleaning.